Should Your HOA Hire Security?

With the increase of home sales many end up living within an HOA, or Home Owners Association. Many homeowners worry about the safety of their neighborhood and if there are measures in place for themselves and their families. This brings up the question; Should you HOA hire security?

The Short Answer is: Yes

Simply put, the benefits of hiring security for an HOA far outweighs the downsides. First and foremost, residents and property managers alike will have a peace of mind with a security presence. Managers can collaborate and work alongside the security team to pay attention to specific areas or have extra backup on hand for community events.

Valuable Peace of Mind

Having a security presence deters crime and trespassing. If the HOA is within a gated community, placing an on-site guard at the gate can filter out uninvited individuals who are not allowed onto the premises without permission. They can keep track of every vehicle entering and leaving the property including delivery trucks, postmen, and emergency vehicles.

Likewise, non-gated communities may hire a patrolling unit to make their way throughout the neighborhood. A patrol unit may circle the property multiple times a day or night when crimes are more likely to occur. Guards are equipped to take photos and write reports which can then be viewed by the client or property management. Should an incident occur, security guards are trained to contact the right authority and pass along vital information.

It’s a good idea to install cameras to monitor streets and common areas such as courts, pools, lakes, and trails. They provide an extra set of eyes and can perform a variety of tasks. For instance, some may trigger lights when it detects motion. Some camera systems even notify users of motion detected and in which area the motion occurred.

Homeowners should feel safe and secured within their home and neighborhood. Because of this, having on-site security is the best decision for peace of mind.

Common Areas Invisible Areas

Many home owners associations feature common areas for its residence’s leisure. Some of these common areas include pools, lakes, parks, courts, clubhouses, or even walking trails. Having a security presence can deter any unauthorized guests from entering these areas, especially if they can easily gain access to them. If the HOA has any ordinances in place, such as the social distancing rule during the COVID-19 pandemic, security officers may help enforce these rules. Likewise, guards may remind visitors of specific hours in which those common areas are closed to visitors.

Although common areas can attract unauthorized visitors, invisible hiding spots may attract criminals and trespassers into the community. Residents can rest easy knowing that every nook and cranny is covered whether by a physical security personnel or with cameras. Some common areas that are typically out of common views are by back gates, alleys, hidden trails, or even behind buildings and vegetation.

Luckily for you, Armed Force Security has plenty of experience patrolling HOAs, whether it’s a single block or the entire complex. We conduct walkthroughs with property managers to identify specific areas of concerns and local ordinances to enforce. Whether it’s monitoring hard-to-see areas or enforcing time restrictions for common areas, checking locked gates or screening visitors, we’ll always have your back.