An Introduction to AFS

Armed Force Security is a fast-growing security company based in Fremont, California and serves the entire San Francisco Bay Area. We provide year-round armed and unarmed security services to a wide variety of property types and events. Also, support is always available and we pride ourselves in providing our clients with an exceptional response rate. Our focus on operational excellence means we are always looking for ways to improve our business model. This includes everything from enhancements to our staff communication to keeping close track of annual training and review procedures.

A security guard wearing the Armed Force Security uniform with a focus on the shoulder patch.

We employ top of the line, vetted, and experienced security guards who hold valid and current California guard registrations. Our armed and unarmed guards are screened, trained, and undergo background checks to ensure we employ the best candidates. Additionally, each security solution is fine tuned and customized to meet our clients’ expectations. You can rest assured with the use of daily reporting and incident monitoring via TrackTik, and with daily reporting. On-site guards provide an immediate deterrent for threats while maintaining safety and peace of mind for employees, guests, and patrons.

We secure a wide range of property types, small and large, near and far.

No matter the property type, we fine tune programs that will fit your security needs. A few examples of property types we often cover include the following:

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial offices and campuses
  • Warehouses and Storage facilities
  • Trucking and Freight forwarding
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Construction Sites
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitality buildings
  • Healthcare campuses
  • Shopping and retail complexes

Special Events

Sometimes all you need is are on-site guards for a day or two or for certain hours. Our impressive special event portfolio encompasses city events, strikes and protests, conventions, hotel events and banquets, festivals, weddings, corporate events, and more. We have guards on standby for immediate implementation.

What type of security services do we provide?

Our flexible staff will work with you to ensure you’re getting the most value for your peace of mind. Whether you need 24 hour patrol services or parking compliance monitoring, we’ve got you covered. Our standard post orders include:

  • Specified hours of on-site security
  • 24-hour patrol services
  • Armed or unarmed guards
  • Guard booth implementation
  • Hourly rounds
  • Parking lot monitoring
  • Loitering and soliciting compliance
  • Lock-ups
  • Shipping and receiving monitoring
  • Employee and guest escorting
  • Noise ordinance enforcement
  • Property cleanliness
  • Daily reporting submitted to managers
  • Radio contact with managers
  • Supervisor check-ups (scheduled and unannounced)
  • Incident response
  • Parking compliance
  • Deliveries screening
  • Security lobby reception
  • Visitor screening
  • Loading dock monitoring
  • On-call services

What are the Advantages of AFS?

We utilize a leading edge software solution which integrates reporting, monitoring, scheduling and so much more into a single, easy to use platform. We place high value in employee motivation and culture by offering complete benefit packages, continued training, and ongoing support. Our staff is an incredibly important part of the success of Armed Force Security, and we are first and foremost a people company with a diverse workforce respects each of our clients and we place a high value on building relationships that last. With a hands-on approach to ongoing training and mentorships, we create a consistent level of knowledge across our armed guards and other service personnel. As a result, we boast high employee retention and low managerial turnover.