Celebrate Graduations Responsibly

The time has come when we’re rounding out the end of yet another school year. However, this time is special because we have graduations we’re celebrating. It’s a ceremony signifying years of hard, studious work and it’s time to celebrate the next big chapter in life. Here are some tips for celebrating your graduation is a safe and responsible manner.

Alcohol Safety

  • Make sure that alcohol isn’t served to anyone underage
  • Limit alcohol served to prevent intoxications
  • Be prepared to offer rides home, pay for taxis or ride sharing services
  • Do not allow guests to drive drunk.
  • Provide plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Consider hosting a dry party
  • Stop serving alcohol at least one-hour before ending party
  • Collect keys at the front door to prevent drinking and driving

Throwing a Party at Home

Throwing a grad party at your house may seem like a much safer option than spending a night out on the town. Even then, there are precautions you should take so that your guests are safe.

  • Make sure any walkways or high-trafficked areas are well-lit ( including, hallways, steps/stairs, driveways, entryways, alleys, etc.)
  • Protect pets by crating them or locking them behind closed doors. If they are prone to anxiety, ask a friend or family to watch them for the evening.
  • Stay food safe – wash your hands when handling food. Keep foods at an appropriate temperature and don’t cross-contaminate foods in case a guest might have a food allergy.
  • Care for kids – if the party isn’t appropriate for children, ask a friend or relative to watch them for the evening
  • Home guard – lock away any and all valuables or prescriptions in the house
  • Use surveillance cameras to have a better handle on the security of the property
  • Be mindful of the type of lighting. Using candled or other open flames may inadvertently start a fire
  • Make sure you sorted out ways to deal with fire, medical, or other emergencies
  • Don’t spend all night isolated to one part of your house (i.e. the kitchen)

Keeping your guests safe while celebrating any occasion is a team effort. If you’re the host of the party, consider asking for help in maintaining the party and guests. You may also want to consider hiring a security guard for an extra set of eyes and reporting. Security Officers are trained to handle a wide variety of situations including asking trespassers to vacate the property.