Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

Your home is your safe haven and should give you a peace of mind. According to the FBI, approximately 7 million property crimes occurred in 2019. Here are a few simple tips to secure your home.

Secure the Doors

Inspect all door locks. Better yet, change the locks when moving in to make sure there aren’t strangers out in the world with keys to your home. Install additional locks like dead bolts or a strike plate for added security. Additionally, invest in a video doorbell for extra security. Most video doorbells feature a mobile app for remote monitoring.

Lock Windows

First floor windows are one of the most common point of entries for burglars. Think about reinforcing your windows by installing window or glass break sensors. These typically are included in home security systems and chime or alert you when a window is opened. Add window bars or window security film to prevent entry. Furthermore, planting prickly plants outside the window makes it harder for would-be burglars to enter.

Install Ample Lighting

Good lighting can help deter burglaries and break-ins. Lighting up the landscape to minimize hiding spots will help protect your home. Install motion-activated lights and save money on an energy-efficient system like ones that are solar powered. Place lights around the exterior of the house, along pathways, on the driveway, and near the garage.

Reinforce the Garage

Next to the front door and windows, the garage is another popular point of entry for burglars. It often leads to valuable tools and equipment. Often times, homeowners neglect their garage door when covering home security. Secure the garage door with extra lights and set up a smart garage door opener. Cover the windows to hide the contents within and never leave the garage door open while unattended.

Install a Home Security System

A home security system is a one-stop shop for securing almost every aspect of your home. Monitor everything from a camera surveillance system to smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Many home security systems are a feature of a smart home system which allows you to set timers, set automation, and monitor who enters and leaves the property. Install surveillance cameras and motion detectors for added security. Many come with night vision and have wi-fi capability.

Eliminate Hiding Places

Trim bushes, trees, and minimize spots around the property where trespassers could potentially hide. Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries occur during the middle of the day between the hours of 10AM and 3PM. Burglars like to enter your property when you are more likely to be gone at work. Don’t leave tools, ladders, or other goods on display around the yard. Add security signs and stickers to your property to let any would-be burglars know that your home is secured. Lock gates, tool sheds, garages, and other outdoor buildings.

Get a Safe

Decide what type of safe and the size you need to store your valuables or anything else you wouldn’t want intruders to get their hands on. A portable safe or an anchored safe offer different benefits. An added security feature for safes have redundant (multiple) locks.

Guard Dogs

Dogs not only make great family pets, they’re excellent guard dogs. Dogs are naturally inclined to protect their packs (you) and their territory (the house). They’ll alert you of any strangers approaching the property and may even deter any intruders once they come face to face with a guard dog. Many breeds are intelligent, alert, and loyal enough to be trained specifically for personal protection.

Do Your Research

It’s always a good idea to do your due diligence when moving into a new home. Make sure to check the local crime ratings in the area you’re thinking about moving to. Drive through the neighborhood before moving in to see how you like the area.