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Securing Your Construction Site

With the amount of expensive tools and equipment present at constructions sites, managers and superintendents alike worry about the security of the job site when nobody is present. Some managers have also complained about nuisances like school kids climbing and damaging equipment, or dogs leaving behind surprises for construction workers to later find. Here are some tips to secure your construction site to prevent theft and vandalism.

Floodlights looming over a construction site.

Use Appropriate Lighting

Well-lit construction sites will discourage criminal activity while eliminating hiding places and raising risk of discovery. Some equipment features motion-activated lighting in the event of trespassers. Install solar-powered lights to cut down on costs. If you employ a private security service, they should be equipped with high-powered flashlights to light up any dark areas on their patrols.

Fencing surrounds the perimeter of a construction site in a busy downtown area.

Install Fencing

A good fencing system can serve as the first line of defense against trespassers and would-be thieves. Make sure the fence encloses the entire job site, including storage bins and trailers. Subsequently, fences prevents unauthorized access while preventing theft of property from the site. Install fencing with a locking gate or door to ensure that only authorized personnel may gain access. Add on a layer of protection by adding barb wire along the fence to prevent anyone from being able to climb over and into the site.

There are many different types, shapes, and sizes of No Trespassing signs to choose from.

Post Signage

Post “No Trespassing” signs in prominent places to deter unauthorized access. If your company hired a private security company, post signage indicating that there is a guard on duty who regularly patrols the area.

Invest in a good surveillance system to help deter crime.

Install Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance plays a huge role in deterring crime. Studies show that people often change their behaviors when they feel they are being watched. Have ample surveillance and place cameras in areas to minimize hiding spots. Cameras can also help in the identification of thieves and recovery efforts.

Secure Equipment

While starting a new construction site, plan ahead for the placement of supplies and equipment to minimize the probability of theft. Make sure to store away equipment and machinery at night. Secure all possible locks and store away the keys in a safe place whenever possible. Some companies go as far as installing tracking mechanisms on their equipment in the event that it does get stolen. In this case, the devices help facilitate the tracking and recovery of the stolen property. Additionally, try and schedule deliveries during the time of day when there are individuals present to receive them. Avoid leaving deliveries exposed during a time when they’re available to opportunists.

Purchase Adequate Insurance Coverage

You can passively protect your tools and equipment by buying adequate insurance. Select a policy that provides coverage to the entire job site, the equipment, and also the workers. Some policies cover theft and vandalism in the event that all else fails.

Hire Private Security

Hiring a private security company to patrol the area can deter the likelihood of anything happening. Having someone on-site who can immediately respond to any suspicious activity can ensure that property won’t go missing. A security guard is often tasked to compile daily activity reports and can provide assistance in case local authorities are contacted.

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