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We offer a range of armed guard services to support every situation from patrolling your business or providing security for an event to personal protection. You can trust that we will work with you to determine which services and specific guard personnel are best for your unique needs.


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    Armed Guards

    Perfect for high-dollar events or location where you need the added security, our armed guards are the ideal solution for your security needs.

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    On-Site Guards

    Your safety is our highest priority. Our on-site guards provide a trusted and reliable solution to your everyday security needs.

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    You can combine our patrol services with either armed or on-site guards to create a comprehensive suite of security for your business or home.

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    30 Years of Delivering Superior Protection

    The dedicated and proactive team at Armed Force Security has established a reputation for excellence and unmatched service.

    Professional Attire and Image

    You need to know that your security guards will provide the professional image that reflects well on your brand. Whether formal or military-style, we maintain high uniform standards.

    Trusted and Vetted Guards

    We pay special attention to attracting, training and retaining the best guards. Our armed and unarmed guards will provide a meticulous approach to your security.

    Flexible Pricing; Scalable Support

    We often tailor packages to your specific security needs and can work within any budget. All guard activity is tightly monitored with advanced technology and supported by real-time data and reporting.

    Highly Dedicated and Well-Trained Armed Security Professionals

    When you need private security, armed or unarmed guards or fire watch services, contact Armed Force Security for a free estimate. We believe in creating long-term relationships with our clients by providing personalized and professional service that exceeds expectations.

    Contact us today at 800-713-8575 to provide the best possible protection for your business or personal assets.

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