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Fire Watch

Fire Watch

Our Fire Watch Services are here to protect your property from fire risks. We focus on stopping fires before they start, quickly detecting any threats, and responding right away. Whether it’s a business or a home, we’ve got you covered with our full range of services. Our skilled team is ready 24/7 to watch over your property, especially during important times like construction, when your fire alarms are down, or in places that are more likely to catch fire. Count on us to keep your space safe, meet all safety rules, and give you peace of mind with our careful and professional service.

Fire Watch

Our fire watch services are designed to offer maximum prevention and safety, ensuring your property and personnel are safeguarded against the threat of fire. Here’s how we can help:

Prevention and Safety

  • Conduct thorough fire watches to identify and mitigate potential fire hazards.
  • Monitor high-risk areas to guarantee adherence to fire safety standards.

24/7 Surveillance

  • Provide continuous, round-the-clock monitoring of specified zones.
  • Stay vigilant during construction phases or when fire alarm systems are offline.


  • Maintain clear and effective communication with personnel on-site.
  • Quickly report any incidents, potential hazards, or irregularities.


  • Keep comprehensive logs detailing observations and activities throughout the fire watch.
  • Document all incidents, triggered alarms, or corrective actions undertaken.


  • Ensure full compliance with local fire safety codes and regulations.

Customized Solutions

  • Offer services customized to the specific requirements of your site or event.
  • Flexible deployment options tailored to the project’s nature and scope.


  • Guarantee a dependable presence throughout the fire watch period.
  • Rapidly adjust to any changes in circumstances or project needs.


  • Our team consists of well-trained, uniformed personnel.
  • Ensure courteous and professional interactions with all on-site staff and visitors.

Protect your property with our expert fire watch services. Our experienced team provides top-notch security for both commercial and residential areas.

Contact Armed Force Security today at 800-713-8575 for further details, or use our convenient online form to get more information.