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Field Supervisors

Field Supervisors

Having the right guards on duty for each client is a requirement, and we put all that effort and more into our highly trusted Field Supervisors. These are individuals who stand out due to their dedication to client success, years of experience or level of ongoing education. Want to see how our Field Supervisors help make the difference for Armed Force Security teams? You can fill out our online form to schedule your free initial consultation, or contact us anytime at 800-713-8575.

Our Field Supervisors are the Backbone of Our Operations

If our Armed Force Security guards have a problem in the field, the first person they turn to is their Field Supervisor. These trusted senior officers closely supervise each project, adding their expertise when needed to:
  • Perform unannounced checkups of client locations
  • Monitor the uniform and appearance of guards
  • Provide 24/7 supervision in the field
  • Reinforce job duties and responsibilities
  • Monitor warning tag systems
  • Hold regular Field Office and Area Manager inspections
  • Maintain operation outline
  • Ensure that guards maintain the standards of conduct at all times
There are also administrative duties that are involved with being a Field Supervisor, such as:
  • Providing detailed internal reports, client reports and writing unusual incident reports
  • Track weekly time records
  • Attend periodic regional and corporate inspections
  • Provide documented monthly reports to headquarters, ensuring full compliance with all requirements
These highly-trained and decorated individuals have a deep knowledge of security, customer experience and engagement with both armed security guards and the public. We are extremely careful when hiring or promoting to this position, as it requires the utmost trust and respect from peers to be successful.

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Contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Armed Force Security at 800-713-8575 or fill out our quick online form anytime to receive a rapid response from our team.